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Yorkshire Terrier Champion Males 


S CH Footprints Bonus To Rember "Bonus "
S CH Footprints Sunpower "Oliver "
S N CH Footprints Royalist  "Filip"
S&South Africa Ch Footprints Memory Maker, of Hlalala "Leo"

Owner: Liz Edmonds, South Africa

Int S&N Ch NordV-94 Footprints Too Smart To Handle "Simon"
Bjørne.jpg (32655 bytes) S CH Footprints Keep on Playing "Björne "
2Timmo s-v.jpg (140668 bytes) INT NORD CH Footprints Call-me-Son "Timmo"
2Svante.jpg (290858 bytes) INT NORD CH Footprints Even-Better  "Svante"

Son of "Allis"

INT S N CH Footprints Delicious Isaac   "Isac"

Son of "Astrid"

Nord Ch SFV-88 Footprints Äventyr "Niclas"
S CH Ozmilion Fame and Future "Stevie"

Breeder: Osman Sameja, England

S CH Footprints Ultramodern  "Musse"

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